Introduction To Python

This tutorial page is here to give you some general information about python that is useful to know before you start coding. It is a good idea to have some knowledge of the programming language before you start coding.

What is Python?

Python is a high-level, general purpose, object-orientated programming language. A high-level programming language is a programming language which has syntax that is close to natural language.

Guido van Rossum designed python in the late 1980's. Since then it has been gaining in popularity because of its ease of use and suitability for beginners. As you develop your programming skills you will see why python is the favourite for beginners.

TIOBE rates python as the fifth most popular programming language, as shown below.

Python is becoming a language of choice for web development and is used by sites such as Instagram, DropBox and YouTube.

Why is Python suggested for beginners?

As mentioned before, python is the most popular programming language for beginners. Learning a programming language can be difficult because the language can be so different from natural language. Python's syntax is similar to natural language, which makes it a high level language.

If we compare two lines of code that do the same thing, one in python and one in C++, we can see the difference between difficulty in syntax.


print("Hello World!")


std::cout << "Hello World!" << std::endl;

Even with no programming knowledge you can make a good guess at what the python code does, whereas, the C++ code is harder to understand. This is why python is suggested to beginners.

Useful Resources

Python 3 is used in the tutorials on this website. This is the newest version of python has a few changes from python 2.

An important resource when learning any programming language is the languages documentation. You can find the documentation for python 3 here.

Stack overflow is an essential resource for programmers, regardless of experience. We recommend you create an account and have a look at what it's all about, because you will use it.

If you are really stuck and need some help, please don't hesitate to use the contact page to ask your question and we will try help.